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2020 announcing The marriage of Smart Phones to Ping Pong/Table Tennis!
The invention is by Jules Apatini, which is: The Progressive weighted aerobic ping pong exercise racquet US Patent No. US20160243416A1. Code name used is SIR. (Smart Innovative Racket)

When if EVER the Caliber of US Class Table Tennis BE the caliber of World Class Table Tennis. State your opinion and wish for the day when that happens.
That will be the day when this second most participated sport in the Wold will rich its popularity as it has reached in most other countries around the world. It happens to be one of the least injury-prone sports among Olympic Sports. Why is it not as popular in the US as it is in most other countries? Let us discuss and help make it happen so that Americans can also make a living here in the US from this sport, which happens to have the most health benefits of all significant Olympic Sports. I have been playing this game most of my Life. It has kept me moving. I am 72 years old, and I can still compete at this age. I am not alone. Tell me how many Soccer, Football Tennis, Baseball, Basketball, and Hockey Players can compete at age 72 and, more importantly, have the opportunity to take part in events where they can play with the best in the US and the world.
Table Tennis is also about the only sport where women can compete and defeat men. This game is mostly technique, not brute force, and the playing field lever between Men and Women is closer than in any other Olympic Sport out there. I think it’s now time for the US to become a dominant country in the sport of Table Tennis. Let’s All discuss and help it make become that. Its popularity is rising but still underground. Let us all help make it like it is mostly is in Asia, Europe, Africa, not to mention South America.
Help make North America catch up and maybe even take over. It’s not impossible because if only a few people like Gates & Buffet put some serious money into it, in my opinion, it could happen almost overnight. Let’s discuss here. Check out the videos right here in one central place, add your two sense and state your ideas