We are your outstanding standard and 360 video source for new media coverage for New Films, Shows, Businesses, Sporting Events, Special Product Announcements, Trade Shows, and Unique Health & Fitness Program offerings in and around the NYC Metro area. We also have plans to conduct “Live Streaming” on youtube, facebook, and other social media channels.

Our informative videos cover unique topics such as announcements and special events which will also include new innovative products and Aerobic Progressive Exercise Programs throughout the New York City Metro Area


The James Cagney Place tree lighting and sing-a-long was very successful.
This street is an anchor of our community. Happy Holidays.





A few of our latest videos!
Rhythmic Sports Movement:  This Ping Pong video which was recorded Monday last was re-posted with the addition of a rhythmic piece.  Please observe how the moves from  Ping-Pong and the beat of the music track, at times match up in an interesting kind of way,  I refer to as APE. You might be wondering what I mean by APE?  APE stands for Aerobic Progressive Exercises which can be executed to any Music by matching up moves from certain Sports, in this case, being Ping Pong with its almost dance-like moves. This is a concept to which I have been dedicated to for a few years now.  “Movement is the Secret to Life’s Longevity”.   Some of you may not realize that but it’s been scientifically proven.  Ping Pong /Table Tennis is an excellent form of movement while engaging in Aerobic Progressive Exercises. If you have an interest in this concept and how you may be able to incorporate this kind of rhythmic movement into your everyday life, then Get in touch!